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What is CSC

The China Scholarship Council , founded 1996, The China Scholarship Council (Pinyin: Guójiā Liúxué Jījīn Guǎnlǐ Wěiyuánhuì, CSC) is the Chinese Minister of educations’s non-profit organization that provides support for international academic exchange with China and is the primary vehicle through which the Chinese government awards scholarships.
CSC provides both funding for Chinese citizens and residents to study abroad, and for foreign students and scholars to study in China. The agency predominantly provides scholarships to individuals, including in batches allocated to specific foreign universities.
The Chinese Government Scholarship by the China Scholarship Council in itself is free, but securing it is not, CSC only awards scholarship to students who have already secured an Admission to any of the 279 universities affiliated to the CSC as of 2023/2024.

Safety Net & Build Wealth

CASH BONUS: Early applicants will receive stipends/scholarships every month, ranging from

$350 to $500 for all their stay in China- The World’s Second Largest Economy with 450,000+ Internationals.

TAKE NOTE !!: All Scholarships will be payed for, fully, by the Chinese Government (looking to build stronger relationships with International friends) for the entirety of your stay in School.

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